Born out of the question: ”Is there really nothing more to it than this?”

Not old enough to give up, but too young to let the heart die; an idea to start a band – to let every displaced part of the soul come to life again – emerged one chilly November morning.

Perhaps it was the the numbers 11/11/11 that was the key element to why the band was formed, but more likely; just the tiredness of feeling so damn numb… Breakups, meltdowns and calendar move out days were always just around the corner, so we were never more than a branch of a tree away from words that never got spoken, that had to be spoken…

Music were at first – and still is – inspired by an unnamed photo artist’s amazing compositions, Leaving Tree strove to make the perfect soundtrack to the emotions her art projected in their hearts and minds.

So this is Leaving Tree; where every leaf, branch and limb – dead, alive or just fading away – have shapes so unique, defining the mould that formed us into everything we would become.